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Owies Can Become Wowies - Thoughts from Chuck

(GG Stock) Owies CAN Become Wowies Have you ever noticed how little children want to show you all of their "owies"? Then they usually want to tell you all about it. Somehow, they feel much better after you have kissed, blessed or prayed for the "owie". As an adult, we have almost lost the art of empathy when it comes to children. We want to push them on, get them moving, correct them and control them. I think one of the most important things we can do is to treat children as if they are a part of a well-cared for garden. I pull weeds in my garden and get rid of the caterpillars that are stripping the leaves and leaving devastation. But I carefully prune and cultivate and water the good plants. If I let them just grow like they wish, I create a jungle of competing vegetables. In time they crowd each other out or become stunted or cause stunting. So, the lesson in this is to look at each child as different and beautiful, with different fruit and gifting. Encourage and

Why Is Passover Important for Believers in Christ? -Thoughts from Chuck-

Why Is Passover Important for Believers in Christ? Lori Meed, IFA Contributing Writer | April 14, 2022 Passover: Jesus entered Jerusalem on the 10th day of the month, now called the Triumphal Entry and celebrated as Palm Sunday (Jn 12:12-13). This was the day the Passover lamb was brought into the city and set apart for inspection until the 14th. The very words that the crowd shouted were from Psalm 118, a psalm that the priests were praying in the temple that very day. Everything Jesus did this week would correspond to God’s calendar, and the events which had been repeated for centuries to foreshadow Him. As the Passover lamb – the animal – was being inspected for those 4 days, THE Passover Lamb – Jesus – was as well. He was questioned, examined, and cross-examined by the religious leaders who were trying to find a flaw in Him (Mt 21:23-27), but they could find no blemish – He was the Spotless Lamb. “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you w

Encouragement and Persistence

 Encouragement and Persistence "Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there.” Harvey Mackay This week two things reminded me of the importance of both encouragement and persistence. I was helping a 2nd grade girl with penmanship and sound-blending words. She had many learning difficulties and found writing and following instructions very difficult. As we do with all of our students, I kept encouraging her to form the letters correctly and make the sounds of the words without stopping her voice. After awhile she began to succeed. A glow came over her when she realized she had finally spelled the words correctly by sounding them out and writing them correctly. It was only her second day at Stilwell' Learning Center and she was already feeling more confident. Another time this week, while I was in the grocery store, a parent of a former student proudly told me her son was now taking pre-med courses at the university. This student had also needed much encouragement an