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Back to School Blog with NEW School Funding Information

A new school year has begun, and parents and students alike are hopeful they will have a better experience than during the last few years. What will make the difference? Today as never before, parents and grandparents need to take the responsibility in the education of their children. In Arizona, families now can choose from traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, homeschooling, and micro schools due to the new expansive provision signed by Governor Ducey, according to a news release on July 7, 2022. Arizona families who participate would receive more than $6,500 per year per child for private school, homeschooling, micro schools, tutoring, or any other kinds of educational service that helps meet the needs of their students outside the traditional public school system. As parents and grandparents, we need to take responsibility for what is being taught to our youth. We pay taxes for the government schools in our