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Eating good meals is a great strategy for good learning.

When I was growing up our family usually had oatmeal for breakfast during the week, with our own fresh goat’s milk or fresh cow’s milk and fresh fruit. On weekends we would have pancakes or waffles and eggs. At times we would also have eggs and toast or French toast during the weekdays. Living on a farm with a cow and goats we always had fresh cream for our cereal as well as fresh milk to drink. The milk, cream and butter were packed with good enzymes, so we never got fat. Oatmeal, eggs, and whole grain pancakes with good bacon were standard breakfasts when I was growing up. It was a great way to start the day! We remained healthy and alert all day. We usually packed a lunch for school. We would have an orange, apple, or banana with a whole grain bread sandwich. Sandwiches were often made with leftover chicken, roast or turkey with mayonnaise and mustard. Sometimes we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Our thermoses were usually filled with milk or watered-down grape juic

Tips for Parents & Students

As parents and grandparents these days, we are going to have to become even more responsible for our children and grandchildren. We cannot leave our children’s education to the schools any longer. Visiting the principal and teachers and the classrooms on a regular basis is a necessity. Knowing exactly what they are being taught is crucial.  It should be one of our goals to know that our children are safe and really learning correct and valuable information. We must ask if they are learning how to learn and how to cope in this very complicated society in which we find ourselves. Children growing up in homes where two parents who have been married continuously are less likely to experience a wide range of problems (academic, social, emotional, cognitive), not only in childhood but later on in adulthood as well (Amato; Howard & Reeves,) Here are a few tips for parents and students: Healthy learners in both elementary and secondary settings need   good food   and   good sleep . I have

Establishing Purposeful Habits

I do not have pets now, unless you consider the javelina or coyotes passing through the yard as pets. We used to have cats and dogs. They are quite a study in opposite lifestyles. Our dogs were always very active and loving and appeared to take their duties of companions and protectors as priorities. Our latest cat had a totally different understanding of life. His priority seemed to be to sleep. However, he did have a routine. He dutifully awakened us at 5:00 a.m. sharp and in case we didn't respond within the next 10 minutes he would start sharpening his claws on the chair which he knew   would elicit a response. The cat would then direct one of us to the utility room where he would indignantly show the empty food dish. Having eaten whatever he chose from the replenished food, the next item of the day was to wait at the glass door in our bedroom to be let outside. He selected me for that activity. When I opened the door, it