Tips for Parents & Students

As parents and grandparents these days, we are going to have to become even more responsible for our children and grandchildren. We cannot leave our children’s education to the schools any longer. Visiting the principal and teachers and the classrooms on a regular basis is a necessity. Knowing exactly what they are being taught is crucial.  It should be one of our goals to know that our children are safe and really learning correct and valuable information. We must ask if they are learning how to learn and how to cope in this very complicated society in which we find ourselves.

Children growing up in homes where two parents who have been married continuously are less likely to experience a wide range of problems (academic, social, emotional, cognitive), not only in childhood but later on in adulthood as well (Amato; Howard & Reeves,)

Here are a few tips for parents and students: Healthy learners in both elementary and secondary settings need good food and good sleep. I have heard different estimates on how much sleep children and teens need to perform well. Usually, it ranges from 8 to even 10+ hours each night, depending on the amount of exercise, water and growth periods in the individuals. Another tip is to make sure the student puts aside all their concerns before sleeping. Children and even teens used to pray with their parents before bedtime with that in mind. A parent’s covering of devoted love goes a long way to giving a peaceful sleep. Lastly, there should be no electronic items in the bedroom within a half hour of going to bed.


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