Establishing Purposeful Habits

I do not have pets now, unless you consider the javelina or coyotes passing through the yard as pets. We used to have cats and dogs. They are quite a study in opposite lifestyles. Our dogs were always very active and loving and appeared to take their duties of companions and protectors as priorities.

Our latest cat had a totally different understanding of life. His priority seemed to be to sleep. However, he did have a routine. He dutifully awakened us at 5:00 a.m. sharp and in case we didn't respond within the next 10 minutes he would start sharpening his claws on the chair which he knew  would elicit a response. The cat would then direct one of us to the utility room where he would indignantly show the empty food dish.

Having eaten whatever he chose from the replenished food, the next item of the day was to wait at the glass door in our bedroom to be let outside. He selected me for that activity. When I opened the door, it was expected he first must count to 100, while washing his face with his licked paw. Then he would casually tiptoe over the threshold. Some days he liked that activity and continued to go out the bedroom door and quickly back inside through the cat door to stand at another door expecting us to be the doorkeepers and let him out only to have him reappear through the cat door. Of course, this is how he received his few minutes of exercise before returning to sleep until noon at which time he might lie down on one of our computer keyboards and remind us that his food dish needed refilling. It got to the point some days that I thought I might have needed to hire a cat nanny to help him stay on his rigid schedule.

I suppose the moral is that we, too, need to examine our priorities in life. Our cat knew exactly what he wanted in life. He made a habit of doing that which was important and rewarding to him. I have been analyzing my time and my desired priorities, lately, and am going to take the cat's advice. After this rigorous feline study, I think my priority is to make a purposeful habit of getting more sleep and exercise and see if the rest will begin to fall into place. I know! There is more to life than that. Figure it out, yourself!


Recently, I came across a very interesting blog about children and their home life. Not surprisingly, statistically, children living in a home with both parents have less social and educational and emotional problems.

Another study revealed girls who were able to increase their reading and math skills, beyond the 4th grade level were much less likely to have children out of wedlock.

These kinds of statistics reveal how important tutoring has become during this post covid period. Think seriously about giving a positive boost now to your elementary students at Stilwell Learning Center. Call 803 1354 for an appointment for a free analysis of reading and math skills and make sure your student is prepared for this year’s schooling. We get results!    


We live in an age when everything seems to need our immediate attention, the “Tyranny of the urgent”. Enticing internet ads cry out to us and our children, “Pay attention to me! You must try this!”

This reveals how important it is for school children to focus on meaningful and productive information and learning skills to succeed and be trained beyond mediocrity. We are designed to be exceptional and successful.

At Stilwell’s Learning Center, it is the training in focusing skills with math and reading is partly responsible for causing children to become confident and seek to be high achievers. Call today for a free testing appointment. 803 1354. We Get Results.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill.


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