Mother's Day 2022

 Mother's Day

Pictured Mothers in Stilwell, Gaboury, and Richards Family of 4 Generations
(5 Generations when including Great-Great Grandson)

Our family has always appreciated out mothers. We make it a bit family day. My father used to sing a song every Mother's Day, entitled "That Wonderful Mother of Mine." 

Whooping Cough was killing my mother only days after being born. My grandma's love for her child was very great. She held the baby close to her own body, day and night for six weeks, watchful that she didn't choke to death or stop breathing. My mother lived to be almost 87. She was active up until about 3 days before she died. Because of my grandmother's sacrifice, she and my mother was very close all of their lives. 

Mom always encouraged me and never ridiculed my ideas or dreams. She never complained about cooking for the car-loads of friends I brought home from college. She rarely had a negative thing to say about another person. Cheerful most of her life, she loved her whole family with a passion and loved to laugh.

When my life was threatened overseas, my mother would awaken in the night and pray for my safety, knowing that I was in danger.

Forgive us, moms, for not appreciating you more. We love you!

-Chuck Stilwell, CEO and Founder of Stilwell's Learning Center, LLC


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