Part 1 of 3: Your Brain Uses Lots of Energy, Thoughts from Chuck

Your Brain uses lots of energy. Our brains weigh about 3 pounds. That’s about 2% of our total body weight! However, it also uses about 20% of the body’s energy and oxygen intake. That means that to have good learning skills, we need to get plenty of sleep on a regular basis and breathe deeply. Exercise can help us both breathe and sleep better. Sodas and junk food keep the brain from using the energy it needs every day. Start today to take care of your brain. Check online for information on foods that are healthy for your child and yourself. Remember, you are your family’s most important example and mentor. I was tutoring a young boy at Stilwell’s Learning Center a few days ago who couldn’t concentrate or move as quickly as he should. His breakfast and lunch were not the best. It didn’t seem to me he had eaten enough protein to perform well. The next day he reported that he ate oatmeal with fresh fruit and that lunch was much better, too. Guess what! He did amazingly well and was able to move faster through the exercises because his brain was now focusing better.


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